Sunday, May 30, 2010

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shawl Cantik 7

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subhanAllah. gorgeous collection i ever seen. rare and pretty.
friendly owner too. :) i pernah beli 2 kali dari paisley & peacock scarve.
nice service and good price though for something unique.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Shawl cantik 6

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blogshop that own by sisters! :) both of them are pretty and
have passion towards hijab. i just love the plain shawl with the
studded :) go check their blogshop now. 

adorable kan? do check out here :

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Shawl Cantik 5

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cantik kan? ini lah koleksi dari shawluver. semua readymade
tapi sangat unik. saya sukaaaa :) 

serius weh, colourful sangat :)

shawl yang yuna pakai time AIM pun ada tau...

cepat pergi beli dari mereka. sebelum habis ;)

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Shawl Cantik 4

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they sell variety of shawl, different material and design.
with the very affordable price :)
do visit them people.
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Shawl cantik 3

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 tudung syria 4 warna dari aura tudung. colourful :)
shawl dari aura tudung :) semuanya sangat colourful dan funky.
 aura tudung juga provide belian secara borong dengan harga
yang bagi i sangat2 berpatutan. do check them out!

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Shawl cantik 2

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seriously, i suka dengan shawl dekat blog ni.
apa yang i tahu, semua shawl adalah dari
United Arab Emirates. cool kan?

its unique and rare of course and semua pun dah sold out.
tak sempat nak beli? but no worries. wait for their next update
on 2 June at 2 p.m

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Shawl cantik.

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shawl cantik kali ini adalah dari :

skewed sundayshop

very rare and unique kan? seriously memang tak dapat
kalau kat luar atau kat tempat jual shawl biasa.
it is custom made shawl of course. with high quality.

the price range RM30 - RM35. worth it!

p/s : and they selling others stuff too. handbag and dress.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Salam Muslimah.

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salam masyAllah and alhamdulillah i've been given this
opportunity to serve you muslimah. i am dianna and i'm
really into hijab and fashion. i love to see women with hijab
and have their own style. so, i decided to create this blog
to give opportunity to other muslimah to experience great
thing that they might not know before.

give me support sisters! this blog will review any shawl/hijab
that I might interested to or any hijab that i think its unique.
I also might review any tutorial from youtube, blogshop, or
any personal blog that i may be think its useful. if you sister
might step/know/watch anything that related to hijab that
you think its interesting please please email me :)
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